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What's New


New weekely Timetable starting from 29 October:

We are still only able to accept beginners under 12 years old. Clients over 12 years old must be able to mount and carry out their own safety checks.

What we are able to offer currently:

Individual lessons — £40 for 45 mins

Restricted lessons — £35pp for 45 mins, 2 or more people.

Pony rides — £15, under 10 only.

Braids rides — £35, must be able to confidently walk, trot & canter.

Group lessons — £35, Level 1/2 are offered for 11 years and under only due to social distancing.

All bookings to be made by email or phone with payment taken prior to session. The yard is still off limit to clients. Please wait by benches for your instructor and horse and only please attend the stables if you have an appointment booked. Please only bring minimum spectators on site. They must use sanitiser before entering indoor gallery and wear face coverings.

Important information: Please could ALL clients download and complete the updated Rider Registration Form before attending your first post-Covid session. Please then return by email to bookings@towerfarm.org. We have a new digitalised system now.

Polite request: the horses and team at Tower are loving being able to still welcome people on site but we wish to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Please can the number of individuals coming to Tower Farm be limited to client riding plus one other parent/guardian. (If possible wait in your car whilst session taking place.)

Please can you ensure you have used bathroom facilities before coming on site. The toilets are open but only to be used as last resort.

Please bring your own small hand sanitizer as this limits the amount of touch points.

Only 1 person per client riding to enter gallery, only sit with members of the same household and always wear a face covering. (We appreciate sometimes siblings need to come along but please just wait in car if possible.)

We are encouraging all clients to purchase their own equipment, if you do need to borrow, please return to office not hooks so they can be sanitised.

Notice: The next few months are going to be a very hard juggling act for all everyone. We are unfortunately receiving a large volume of clients needing to change dates as they have to isolate due to track and trace etc.

Can we remind you that it's the session that's booked. If you have another friend or family member who would like to ride (who are similar standard for groups) it's not a problem to do a name swap (as long as they have filled out the registration form). Please just let us know especially if they are going to need a larger/smaller pony/horse. If you don't cancel, it will mean the business will be viable going forward. The winter months have huge overheads with horses requiring stabling and adlib field hay.

We at times will also have issues with staffing for exactly the same reasons - please bare with us. Thank you.

27 October

Please note that last evening outdoor sessions will be 10th November.

13 October

From Tuesday 29th October there will be additional sessions: Timetable


2pm & 3pm - Individual or Restricted

4pm - Level 1/2


2pm & 3pm - Individual


2pm & 3pm - Individual or Restricted

4pm - Level 1/2

Saturday and Sunday

3pm - Level 2/3

8 October

Due to demand we added an additional Level 1/2 session on Sundays at 2pm. Suitable for any riders from 5 years to 11 years old.

There will be no changes to timetable and all booking can go ahead.

6 October

We are offering additional sessions on Monday 19th & Tuesday 20th for level 1/2 & level 2/3. Due to demand for level 1/2 the classes will be as follows:

Monday 2pm Level 1/2, 3pm Level 1/2

Tuesday 2pm Level 1/2, 3pm Level 2/3

We are having a number of calls as regards what will happen if the planned circuit breaker includes closing the stables for the 14 days.We are obviously very hopeful this will not be the case but if we are forced to close, all money paid will be held in credit for a future re booking. (If you do need a refund, please e mail contact@towerfarm.org and we can arrange.)

16 September

We are still able to run groups for more than 2 . Please whilst on site adhere to all signage, minimise contact...

Posted by Tower Farm Riding Stables on Monday, 14 September 2020

9 September

Slight change of timetable. From 17th September Thursday evenings will be:

6.30pm - Level 5/6

7.30pm - Level 3/4

8 September

We will be able to offer evening individual/restricted lessons on Tuesdays from 15 September at 6.00pm, 6.50pm and 7.40pm. Each session is 45 minutes. £40 for individual and £35pp for 2 or more riders.

These sessions will be outdoors usually but perhaps indoors on nights the group lessons take place outdoors. So please dress appropriately.

26 August

New weekday timetable is operational from today. Apologies for our ever changing timetable. Weekend group lessons will start from 5 September. A polite request for all spectators in the indoor arena to wear a face covering.

25 August

Additional Level 1/2 session at 2pm on a Saturday due to demand. These sessions are available from 5th September. All bookings to be made with payment please call 0131 664 3375. We have a non refundable 48hr cancellation policy.

22 August

End of summer holiday treat for Mother/Daughter and her friends. Lovely group who all progressed really well within the session.

Posted by Tower Farm Riding Stables on Friday, 21 August 2020

21 August

Updated temporary timetable changes from 26 August.

20 August

19 August

18 August

8 August

7 August

6 August

5 August

Important information: Please download and complete the updated Rider Registration Form before attending your first post-Covid session. Please then return by email to bookings@towerfarm.org.

4 August

3 August

We are now able to offer group lessons on Thursday evenings.
6.30pm - Level 3/4
7.30pm - Level 5/6
0131 664 3375 for booking and payment.

2 August

1 August

Due to demand another day added for Fun Mornings on 12th August. 0131 664 3375 for booking and payment. See details.

31 July

29 July

More dates added for Fun Mornings on 6th & 7th August. 0131 664 3375 for booking and payment. See details.

24 July

23 July

Fun Mornings for 11 years and under on 4th & 10th August. Please book quickly as many people have been asking for these days. 0131 664 3375 for booking and payment. See details.

21 July

20 July

16 July

We are closed 20th, 21st and 22nd July.

15 July

13 July

9 July

7 July

6 July

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